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Our unique combinations of safe and effective treatments for men and women transcend temporary beauty solutions. Experts address the root causes for hair loss and skin problems with a carefully selected menu of services customized to your unique needs. Nowadays there is no need to camouflage problems with makeup or temporary solutions like Botox and fillers, we show you the way to evidence-based results.

Safer than artificial supplementation, bioidentical hormones are 100% natural, specially compounded for those who need it. Excellent natural remedies to keep skin and hair in optimal condition, no hormones are ever prescribed without conducting a genetic test to ensure your body can safely handle these.

Bio-identical hormone supplementation also addresses intimate conditions like vaginal dryness and low libido; as well as chronic fatigue, bone fragility and memory loss.

At Novomed, only the safest and most innovative protocols are deployed. From PRP injections plus fat transfer to the face and scalp with stem cell properties, experience the difference with our gold standard Integrative Medicine approach.

Combat fatigue and enhance your vitality from within with IV wellness and powerful detoxification protocols. Accumulated environmental toxins affect your skin, your bones, brain, heart and kidneys, as well as your hair. Now is the time to unveil a healthy lifestyle to the core of your being.

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