• Pain Management

World class team to treat chronic pain

Restore optimal function to your body

At Novomed we have assembled a world class team to treat chronic pain. Musculoskeletal discomfort, including back and neck pain and sport injuries are now the number one reason for patients going to see a doctor in the Western world.

Our team include Dr. Gustavo Reque (Dr. Gus) who uses deep tissue massage and safe manipulation to restore optimal function to your body. Under ultrasound guidance, he gives injections to different joints using Plasma Rich Platelets and even fat transfer with stem cell properties in an attempt to postpone or avoid surgery.

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For more information about our Pain Management Service, call us on 04321 5222 or book online now.

Novomed Integrative Medicine’s programs are created to work with nature’s inner healing mechanisms to reduce inflammation and decelerate aging.

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