Love The New You

With so much choice on the market, choosing the safest and most effective treatment to rejuvenate, correct and maintain natural youthfulness can be confusing. We take the guesswork out of this process by offering only the most effective FDA-approved Lasers and Energy-based protocols, dermal fillers and cosmetic dermatology. Suited to men and women committed to investing in the best to feel and look their best; when it comes to looks, Novomed Aesthetica invites you to ‘look forward to yesterday’ and embrace your radiance, whatever your age.

Actualize your potential by exploring cosmetic and weight-loss surgery as well as dietetics, hair transplantation, cosmetic gynecology, pain management, vascular surgery and in-lab sleep study with global experts committed to integrity of purpose and sound advice.

This balanced approach to achieving total vitality is fundamental for people seeking safe, intelligent and technologically advanced solutions to managing their own well-being.

When you feel good, we feel good

Awareness about aesthetic medicine continues to increase nowadays, not just in the Middle East but also globally. People are living and working longer, they are better informed, with easier access to reliable information. Regionally, affluent lifestyles and a GPD per capita higher than elsewhere means that elective procedures like cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetics are viable options. In addition, media influence, especially social media and reality shows have positioned this entire sector into the mainstream.

Novomed Aesthetica is the home of superior cosmetic medicine and aesthetic practice. Enter our world and discover what looking good feels like. Discover the full spectrum of the most exclusive, effective, safe evidence-based treatments and rejuvenation procedures tailor-made for your individual needs and budgets.


At Novomed Aesthetica our aim is to restore your confidence, restore your youthful self and help you rediscover the new you.

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