Fotona 4D Laser Facelift

Did you know that there is a way that you can reduce the signs of aging, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and eradicate the appearance of large unsightly pores without undergoing surgery? Novomed proudly offers the Fotona 4D Laser Facelift in Dubai and Al Ain. With no needles, no anesthetic, minimal downtime and a treatment plan that can be fully personalized, this revolutionary technique completely changes the concept of skin rejuvenation. The 4D facelift can also be combined with thread lifting on the same day, in a combination known as Filolase.

What is a Fotona 4D Laser Facelift?

The Fotona 4D facelift uses the most advanced lasers to stimulate collagen production. The procedure’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it not only treats the superficial exterior of the face, but also the interior oral cavity, maximizing the results and giving a comprehensive, non-surgical facelift. All this without the discomfort, inconvenience and pain of surgical intervention.

The Fotona lasers work through the synergistic activities of two complementary wavelengths; Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. The lasers can be precisely orientated to target specific areas of the face, leaving other areas unaffected. Results are immediate and long-lasting.

How does it work?

The 4D facelift works through the sequential application of four unique laser modes; SMOOTH®, FRAC3®, PIANO® and SupErficial™. The huge benefit to this is that four different procedures are carried out at once, providing comprehensive coverage and an all-encompassing result.

SMOOTH® mode: This revolutionary technique involves gently bulk-heating the inside of the oral cavity to stimulate collagen contraction. This is a unique process, not seen with other laser procedures, that gives a deeper level of skin smoothening. As the laser in use is non-ablative, the surface of the skin remains undamaged. The immediate effect seen by the tightening of existing collagen fibers is a smoothing of the lines around the mouth (the nasolabial folds). However, the procedure also promotes the formation of new collagen fibers, giving a much longer lasting result. In addition, the nasolabial folds get ‘plumped’ from the inside outwards, resulting in a similar effect to that seen with traditional dermal fillers, only much longer lasting.

FRAC3® mode: The FRAC3® beam is fractionated by the skin’s own imperfections as it passes through the subcutaneous tissue, meaning only those areas that show signs of damage are treated and the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. This laser targets deeper, age-related imperfections in the skin and works by tightening existing collagen fibers, reducing wrinkles and atrophic scarring, resulting in a more youthful texture to the skin.

PIANO® mode: Laser energy is delivered subcutaneously and works from the outside inwards. A bulk-heating approach is used, with super-long pulses, avoiding the need for bursts of high laser temperature. This makes it a safe way of reaching deep tissue imperfections. It synergistically tightens the skin and can also be used to avoid scar formation.

SupErficial™mode: The SupErficial™ mode involves applying a light laser peel. As a cold ablation technique, this process is extremely tightly controlled. It reduces skin surface imperfections, such as fine lines, pores and uneven tone and texture, giving the skin a smoother, pearl-like appearance.

What is the treatment process?

Following an initial consultation with our highly experienced dermatologists, a personalized treatment plan will be devised. Most people will see results after just one treatment; however, for optimum results at least three sessions are recommended. These sessions are delivered every 21 days and each one takes between 45 minutes and one hour.

Are there any side effects and is the process painful?

Due to the lack of sedation or anesthetic there are very few side effects. The highly focused nature of the lasers means that the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Pain is minimal, although there may be some reddening and peeling of the skin in the treatment area.

Who is the Fotona 4D laser facelift suitable for?

This revolutionary process is suitable for everyone. The technique is ideal for those who have sagging jowls, lines around the mouth and a lack of skin elasticity as well as anyone with post-acne scarring.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin, make an appointment at Novomed today and find out how the 4D facelift can help you.