How long will it take?

Hair transplantation is not a quick process. The meticulous nature of the technique and the desire to get as natural a final result as possible, can mean hours, if not a couple of days, spent in the treatment chair.

We will do all we can to alleviate any discomfort you feel during this time.

As a process FUE takes longer to complete than FUT. Total treatment time will also be dependent on the size of the transplant. To get the optimal outcome and a fullness akin to a natural head of hair, it is likely that several sessions will be required, with a healing interval of a couple of months between sessions. This ensures that each graft can be placed in an area of healthy skin, maximizing the chances of successful hair regrowth. Treatment timelines and schedules will be discussed with you during your preliminary appointments.

As the procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, recovery times afterwards are fairly rapid. Any effects of the anesthesia are likely to have worn off after a couple of days. Minor swelling and slight pain may persist but can be managed with over-the-counter medications.