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Designed for Reduction in facial wrinkles and fine lines to restore a silky, fresh and youthful complexion, with even skin tone and overall improvement in texture. The laser also reduces the appearance of acne and surgical scars, sun damage and age spots.

How it works Fraxel achieves outstanding results by combining two lasers. The Fraxel 1550, a fractional erbium laser, to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate deep to accelerate the growth of collagen and improve skin texture. The Fraxel 1927, a thulium laser, penetrates the superficial layers of the skin and helps eliminate excess pigment, while improving its tone and surface texture.

Predictability We recommend 4-6 sessions at least one month apart, depending on your sensitivity to treatments.

Discomfort Fraxel Dual is a quick, easy and painless.

Downtime The result is a healing time of only 2-3 days. This non-ablative laser can also treat thinner skin due to its high level of accuracy.

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