• Scars & Stretch Marks

    Repair your skin, restore your confidence

Treatment description Our experts will analyse your skin and determine the correct laser to treat acne and other scars and reduce stretch marks. This will most often be our Fraxel Re:Pair laser, which can be used on the face and various parts of the body. This type of laser is also good for skin resurfacing and treating wrinkles.

How it works When the fractionated CO2 laser hits the skin in a pixelated pattern, it ablates or ‘burns’ abnormal tissue, resulting in powerful skin tightening and collagen formation stimulated for the following six to eight months.

Predictability A single treatment can be very successful, however surgical-scar and acne-scar patients may require two to three treatments.

Discomfort Fraxel repair is performed using local anesthetic. There should be no pain once the treatment is over.

Downtime At a higher setting and used on the face, we recommend planning on 10-14 days of downtime.

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