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    Treat everything from age spots and acne to inking

Treatment description Our premium Q-switch lasers can be used to treat any pigmentation issue, from melasma (gray-brown patches on the skin), age spots and acne marks, to tattoo removal.  The laser will use pulses of light to release the pigment inside of the skin, which the body will eliminate. In the case of tattoos, the light energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, which instantly shatters into minute fragments. The pigment will eventually be absorbed by the body and eliminated by your immune system.

Predictability Sun spots and similar marks can be removed within two treatments, spaced four to eight weeks apart, while deeper lesions will require more treatments. In the case of tattoos, as every person is different, it is impossible for anyone to predict at the outset how many sessions will be required for removal. The many variables include the colours used, how deeply the ink is embedded, how good your blood circulation is in the area (the better the circulation and the quicker it will fade). The average time between sessions is four to six weeks, and many patients need around 5 to 8 treatments, but as mentioned, this could be less or more.

Discomfort Fortunately our technicians have extensive experience and training and are using very high-quality lasers, so the discomfort is reduced as much as possible.

For tattoo removal, particularly over large areas, there is some discomfort, and our technicians may therefore numb your skin before they start.

Downtime  Your specialist will advise you to avoid sun exposure after any Q-switch session. After a tattoo-removal session, you may have some side effects such as bruising, redness, tenderness. These side effects are an important part of your immune response in working to eliminate the ink from your system.

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