Dr María Rubatti

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic surgeon

Dr María Rubatti is an Argentinian-trained expert reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon who has been practicing in the UAE since 2015.

Dr María earned her degree in Medicine from Tucumán National University and her Masters in Cosmetic Surgery at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires. As Argentina’s youngest plastic surgeon, she then made a name for herself as a ‘celebrity plastic surgeon’ due to the high-profile clients she treated and as a television personality in her own right.

Dr María practiced as a specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery at various hospitals and private clinics across Argentina, before relocating to the UAE. She is experienced in all areas of plastic surgery and has invented techniques such as permanent threading. She is particularly well-known for rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and her advanced techniques in body contouring with fat transfer.

Dr María speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, and is a consultant for various magazines and television shows.

Dr maria