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Facial beauty is determined by various factors ranging from a radiant complexion to the symmetry and harmony of facial proportions.

Over time, the facial anatomy changes due to aging. This can be seen mainly in a loss of volume or deflation of the midface, accompanied with heaviness and laxity in the jawline and neck areas.

At Novomed Aesthetica, our experts are skilled in restoring and enhancing facial contours by a combination of minimally invasive and surgical methods. Our facial-contouring strategies are not limited to the rejuvenation of an aged face, but are equally applied to improving the elements of beauty in a younger face.

One or a combination of innovative techniques can be used to define cheekbones, refine and tighten the jawline, lift a sagging neck, augment the chin and reshape the nose.


Nose Reshaping


Neck Lift


Mid Facelift


Master Lift


Endoscopic Brow Lift


Eyelid Plastic Surgery


Fat Transfer


Neck Liposuction


Ear Reshaping Surgery

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