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    Vein treatments by our vascular surgeon include

    • Sclerotherapy (liquid and foam): A chemical is injected into the veins with a small needle to scar and seal them
    • Laser treatment for veins: Powerful bursts of light penetrate the skin and target the vein, which will slowly fade and vanish.
    • Cryo-Laser & Cryo-Sclerotherapy (known as ClaCS) is a highly effective technique is a combination of laser and injection therapy with no downtime.  Dr Ashkan is the only surgeon performing this groundbreaking procedure in the Middle East. 

    Treatment offers solutions for

    • Unsightly veins on legs and thighs
    • Facial spider veins and large bulging veins
    • Unsightly veins on hands and other areas

    Predictability Patients typically see the best results from one session, or one session per month over 2 months. Of course the outcome differs from patient to patient and depends on the severity, the number of veins treated and the methods used.

    Discomfort during the procedure Minimal.

    Downtime This depends on the procedure, ClaCs has no downtime while other treatments might involve 2 weeks of bandaging and a compression stocking.

    Restrictions For patients undergoing foam or liquid sclerotherapy, we recommend that you wear thin compression stockings, which will be prescribed by our surgeon,  during the recovery period to ensure optimal outcome of the procedure. However, for ClaCS patients no compression stockings are required.

    Cost This varies depending on the chosen method and the extent of treatment.


    Why choose Novomed Aesthetica Vein Clinic for your treatment?
    We have a highly skilled and experienced vascular surgeon, Dr Ashkan Haghshenas, who can treat both aesthetic and symptomatic varicose veins in Dubai.

    Are there any complications with sclerotherapy?
    Sclerotherapy is a fairly safe procedure with very few complications. There may be a few temporary side effects following the treatment, which include bruising and swelling or matting (the formation of fine, closely grouped red blood vessels close to the injection site). Very rarely have patients been known to experience blood clots and inflammation.

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    Dr Theodoros Lagoudis

    Dr Theodoros Lagoudis

    General Surgeon & Vein Expert

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