• Лечение целлюлита

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    Get Rid of Cellulite

Solutions for dimpled, lumpy skin Known as the dreaded ‘orange peel’ look, cellulite affects around 80% of women. At Novomed Aesthetica we aim for long-term results using a personalized combination of therapies.

How it works Our expert cosmetic dermatologist has years of experience in treating cellulite and will be able to customize the most suitable treatment for your problem. To do this, she will examine you to determine causes, the body areas affected, the type (soft, hard or edematous) and the grade (stage 0-4) of your cellulite, and then create a programme using one or more of the specialized treatments we offer.

Specialized treatments Our non-invasive cellulite treatments include LPG Endermologie, mesotherapy, radiofrequency, ultrasound, lasers, Zimmer Wave (Z Wave), Fotana (smooth and piano modes), among others.

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