About Insect Allergies

Usually, insects that generate allergic responses are stinging insects, such as wasps, bees, hornets and ants, or biting insects, such as ticks, mites and mosquitoes. While stinging insects inject venom into those they sting, biting insects normally introduce anti-coagulants into their victims’ bodies. In addition, people have allergic reactions to the droppings and dander of insects such as cockroaches and dust mites.

Most people are not allergic to insect venom, but the pain from being stung might cause them to mistake a normal reaction for an allergic reaction. Examples of normal reactions to a sting include pain, swelling and redness confined to the sting site. Normal insect bite treatment such as applying an ice pack to the swelling will help alleviate the pain. An allergic reaction is much more serious though, and requires urgent medical attention.

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Types of Insect Allergies