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Here is what some of our patients had to say about Novomed Allergy & Asthma

My son and my husband went for the multi-year vaccination course for their allergies and both benefited tremendously. The programme that Dr El-Rafei recommended and instituted reduced and eliminated their different symptoms. I found Dr El-Rafei quite different from other doctors in terms of the time he spends with patients, explaining the process and the programme, especially to my 10-year-old child.

Paula N, Dubai

Several years ago, I asked for a referral to an allergy doctor as one final effort to get relief from my allergies, which had all but zapped my ability to smell. I had seen FIVE doctors already, with no luck. Dr El-Rafei immediately took it seriously, prescribing the necessary allergy testing, blood tests and significant medication. It was the allergy shots Dr El-Rafei prescribed that finally ensured that I would regain my sense of smell. What a joy it has been to enjoy fine foods again!

Brian H, Dubai

I’ve been a patient of Dr Ahmed El-Rafei for more than three years. I have a chronic allergy that started over 10 years ago and got worse when I moved to UAE, so I went to Dr El-Rafei. After detailed blood, skin and lung tests, he prescribed me pills and recommended Immunotherapy. The initial 24 shots of Immunotherapy showed excellent results, and the second round of shots brought my allergy symptoms down to a minimum. My sinuses are clear, I sleep better during the night and I feel better during the day.

Waldemar W, Dubai

I have a long history of allergies, including several anaphylactic shocks. Dr El-Rafei recommended that I go for allergy vaccine shots for my severe dust allergy. After the first round of shots, I was able to breathe at 99% (which is something I have not experienced for 3 years despite being much disciplined with medications). Now I am in the final round. I am allergic to pets, but I am able to keep a cat. In addition, I have not had any bad allergy symptoms for a long time now.

Anna L, Dubai

I have been getting allergy vaccination shots with Dr Ahmed El-Rafei since February 2016. I really feel better now, and my allergy symptoms, which included excessive mucus generation, coughing and sneezing, have decreased significantly. I would recommend the allergy Immunotherapy with Dr El-Rafei to people with any kind of allergy.

Ilgiz S, Dubai
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