How Do You Find a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust?

Dubai has the largest number of plastic surgeons by population than any other city in the world. With all this choice, it’s no wonder potential patients are confused about what to base their decision on. You obviously can’t choose a surgeon based on price – your safety is important, as is getting the result right the first time, so you don’t have to face revision surgery.

Choosing the best laser hair-removal clinic

A Guide for the Intelligent Consumer by Dr Max Sawaf
Consumers are bombarded with special offers on laser hair removal, but few know how to evaluate these offers as the price is only one factor out of many that should be taken into consideration.

Dealing with the Downside of Massive Weight Loss

Despite the considerable benefits, many patients are left with severe depression after they achieve their dream of a massive weight loss

By Dr Max Sawaf

While massive weight loss means patients’ risk for diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and brain strokes decreases dramatically, researchers have found many of these patients fall into severe depression, mainly because of their appearance. In some cases their loose, sagging skin looks worse to them now than their actual excess weight did.

What our skin can tell us about our general health

Skin is the unsung hero of the body. And in the UAE, it has a lot to contend with: Sun, humidity, dust, air conditioning, the list goes on.

How testosterone affects your looks

You’ve probably heard of how the hormone testosterone affects everything from mood, concentration and energy levels, through to bone growth, libido and water retention. It should come as no surprise then that it also has a huge impact on the way we look.

How the wrong foods age us

Food – once eaten solely as a means of survival – is now deeply ingrained in every aspect of our lives. We eat food for pleasure, for comfort, for reward; in order to socialize; to help us unwind and relax; and so often simply because we are bored.

Immunotherapy – hope for UAE allergy sufferers

With heat, dust and ants, residents face significant challenges, but a series of injections could solve the problem. Allergies are very common in the UAE, in fact, one in five residents suffers from them. They can affect the lungs, nose, sinuses, eyes, skin or digestive system, or lead to asthma. In addition to the allergens – that is, allergy-causing substances – found across the world, such as pet hair and food allergies, there are some that are particularly prevalent in our region.

Dont let allergy-proofing overwhelm you

In an ideal world, avoidance is the best solution for dealing with allergies. But this is not always possible, especially when it comes to environmental allergies, whether to mold, dust, pet hair, airborne pollen, fabrics, or any others.

Supplements – guaranteed good health, or a waste of money?

Up to half of the adult population in the United States takes supplements on a daily basis; and the Americans are not alone, similar figures are reported in other countries. So, just what is the appeal? How cost- and, more importantly, health-effective are over-the-counter supplement preparations? Can they really do all that they promise? Are we actually doing ourselves more harm than good?

Integrative Skin & Hair Solutions

Botox, fillers, PRP, stem cell therapy, lasers and thread-lifts can go a long way to improve skin sagging and signs of aging. However, there is no beauty without skin beauty.

PRP: Pain Relief Fit For a King… of Clay

Tennis ace Rafael Nadel is just one of many sport stars to rely on Platelet-Rich Plasma for swift healing

The world’s top athletes, whose very livelihood depends on speedy recovery from injury and pain, have highlighted the effectiveness of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in pain management and healing. The list of luminaries who have made successful comebacks following treatment includes Usain Bolt, Steven Gerrard, Paula Radcliffe and the world number one in men’s singles tennis, ‘King of Clay’ Rafael Nadal. Luckily, unlike high-priced, top-secret celebrity perks, PRP is available to us non-famous folk too.

Say goodbye to tiredness

Tired? Who isn’t these days? It’s all part of keeping pace with the modern world, isn’t it?

We’re conditioned to regard tiredness as something we just have to cope with, a sign that you’ve been working hard or something’s been keeping you awake at night. It’ll pass. Grit your teeth, dig in and get through it.

But what if you never get through it?

IV therapy to help fight coronary artery disease?

A therapy for eliminating toxic metals from the body is becoming increasingly popular as a tool to fight heart disease. In the US, the FDA has approved chelation (pronounced ‘key-LAY-shun’) therapy for treating lead poisoning and toxicity from other heavy metals, but it’s estimated that more than 100,000 adults receive the therapy each year as a form of complementary medicine.

Yes, detox is crucial. But Avoid Detox Scams.

Makers of today’s popular detox products present a tempting offer: undo a lifetime of unhealthy habits by drinking a special juice or tea for three days. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But I’m afraid it doesn’t work.

The health benefits of fasting

A new USC-led study has shown that a diet designed to imitate the effects of fasting appears to reverse diabetes by reprogramming cells. The fasting-like diet promotes the growth of new insulin-producing pancreatic cells that reduce symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in mice, according to the study on mice and human cells led by Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. The study published on February 23rd, 2017 in the journal Cell, is the latest in a series of studies to demonstrate promising health benefits of a brief, periodic diet that mimics the effects of a water-only fast.

Vaginal rejuvenation – the end of suffering in silence

A natural vaginal birth exerts extreme physical stress on the mother’s birth canal, yet it is generally assumed that she will recover with a little tender loving care and regular cups of tea. The truth is that the impact of childbirth leaves many women with a catalogue of lifelong problems, including slackening of the vaginal wall, dryness, inflammation, incontinence, infection, pain, and loss of sexual confidence. And it’s not just childbirth that affects women in this way. The ageing process alone brings about a natural deterioration of muscle tone in the pelvic region, while the menopause is another time of radical change in a woman’s physiology, which can take a heavy toll on the feeling and function of the vagina.

How thyroid treatment can change your life

The thyroid gland plays a vital role in your body’s functionality, helping to regulate your metabolism and thereby affecting a wide range of functions, including breathing, sleep, mood, energy, weight and digestion. It’s estimated that 200 million people worldwide have a dysfunctional thyroid and that one in eight women will contract a thyroid disease in their lifetime. Thyroid disease is particularly common in the Middle East, affecting up to 47% of the population in some countries.

Menopause and the increased risk of heart disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD), the number one killer worldwide, is commonly regarded as something that afflicts men rather than women. But it would be a mistake to assume, as a woman, that you are not susceptible to CHD, especially if you are about to enter, or already going through, the menopause.

Musculoskeletal pain – the number one reason for doctor visits

Have you ever lifted a heavy bag too quickly and hurt your back? Or gone for a run and twisted your ankle? If so, you will know the lingering pain that such injuries can inflict – and also that feeling of reluctance to seek medical treatment.

Eat your way to good mental health

Numerous studies into the branch of the nervous system that lies in the gut – the enteric nervous system (ENS) – indicate that, contrary to popular belief, mood and behaviour disorders don’t necessarily originate in the brain. While the ENS regularly communicates with the brain to regulate things like appetite, alteration of the gut environment can distort this communication and result in mood and behaviour disorders.

Why humans were never meant to eat grains

If you eat a diet that features popular foods like bread, pasta and rice, the chances are you eat a variety of grains every single day. And you’re not alone. These foods are the most widely eaten in the world because they grow easily in many climates. But while many people rely on grains to keep bellies full and meals tasty, fewer realise the true impact these grains have on our bodies and overall health.

Foods that reduce cancer risk – and how they do it

While cancer was previously considered a disease of bad luck, it is now more widely accepted as multifactorial in nature – with genetics, the ageing process and lifestyle all playing a part. And although there’s little any of us can do to alter our genetics, or stop from getting older each year, we can certainly adjust our lifestyles. And a huge part of that is what we eat.

Sudden heart attacks: Should the aging fitness buff be concerned?

Whether you turned twenty-one last week or you’re starting to think about retirement, us doctors simply love to prescribe fitness. Along with quitting smoking, sleeping more, and eating a healthy diet, it’s the lifestyle change we attach to many treatments. And with good reason – the power of fitness is undeniable.

Why is my memory getting worse?

Are you always forgetting where you put your keys and purse? And do you rush to put appointments in your diary before you forget all about them? If so, you’re not alone. A 2014 study of 18,500 people aged 18 to 99, conducted by Gallup and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), found that 20% had memory issues.

Can you keep the cellulite away?

Orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, hail damage… None of the terms commonly used to describe cellulite could be deemed flattering. And the medical names – adiposis oedematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis and gynoid lipodystrophy – don’t make it sound much better either.

What’s killing my libido?

Low libido or lack of interest in sex is surprisingly common, though perhaps more so among women. In a 1999 study Sexual Dysfunction in the United States – Prevalence and Predictors, 22% of women across the age spectrum reported low sexual desire, compared to 5% of men.

Does sugar lead to heart disease?

As a general rule, if something is bad for our health, we are told about it. In 1964, for example, the American Surgeon General published a report confirming the link between smoking and lung cancer – since then the tobacco industry itself has been obliged to warn customers of the harmful effects of its products. While smoking remains the leading cause of cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there isn’t a smoker on earth who can claim they haven’t been warned.

Vitamins and supplements: The good, the bad and the ugly

When it comes to medical information, half the truth can be a dangerous thing. And there are a lot of half-truths when it comes to vitamins. Want the clear story? Here is what an intelligent consumer should know.

Frozen foods: Knowing the good from the bad

To anyone with a busy life, frozen food can feel like a gift. If we’re honest, most of us could probably confess to slipping a frozen meal into the oven or microwave after a long day when we don’t have the energy to cook from scratch.

Does exercise really lift our mood?

The latest figures from America’s National Center for Health Statistics show that less than half (49%) of American adults do the recommended amount of aerobic physical activity (30 minutes of moderate exercise most days) while only one-fifth (20.9%) meet the recommended level of both aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity (strength training two to three days per week).

Heart failure in the young – a growing health concern

February is traditionally the month for love – that is, for expressing your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day. But there is also another heart-shaped theme taking place in February in countries around the world that aims to remind us of just how important our cardiovascular health is.

Just how dangerous are antibiotics?

Collectively, the world is consuming more antibiotics than ever before. In the biggest study of its kind into antibiotic consumption, published in 2014, researchers at Princeton University found that use of the drugs had increased by 36% in a decade.

They Keys to Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is essential both for the achievement of business objectives and to facilitate the development of employees. A characteristic of the modern competitive and globalized world is that companies are constantly striving to do better than the previous year. To achieve this goal, they resort to all available means, and among the most essential in this context, is the optimal administration of human capital.

Why everyone should be talking about depression

When people think of debilitating chronic illnesses, heart disease or diabetes will normally spring to mind. But did you know that depression will overtake heart disease as the number-one leading cause of disability by 2020.

Dont take your chances with brain health

Do you sometimes have trouble remembering the name of your favorite actor or dinner plans with your friend? Are you noticing that you’re having more difficulty finding your phone or your keys? If so, it could be the result of normal aging — or it could be a condition called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). You owe it to yourself and your family to keep your brain healthy.

IV Therapy – Celebrity Fad or Genuine Treatment?

It is easy to see why people would think of intravenous (IV) therapy as a skin tonic or trendy pick-me-up, with the likes of Kim Kardashian extolling its virtues on the red carpet. Adding to this ‘faddish’ perception is a proliferation of non-medical clinics offering IV therapy, with a menu of services to order from, as if you were at a restaurant.

Even More Reason to Avoid Energy Drinks

Researchers find that just one serving can harm your heart. Doctors, dietitians and educators have long been warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of energy drinks, especially for children.

HPV – The Worldwide Epidemic Nobody is Talking About

An astonishing 80% of sexually active people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime, according to the American Sexual Health Association. We don’t often hear these figures, however, because it’s a taboo subject; infection with HPV or human papilloma virus is falsely linked to promiscuity.

Heart Disease – The Silent Killer

Often the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack. Take, for example, a recent patient of mine who came in to see me complaining of tiredness and a heavy chest. Surely, he believed, it was nothing more than a side effect of over-work and jetlag from recent travels overseas. It wouldn’t be anything serious ̶ would it?

When Should You Worry About Back or Neck Pain?

Chronic pain is any pain that lasts, on and off, for more than three months. Poor posture, sitting most of the time, sports injuries, aging – especially in women – and lifting heavy objects can cause mechanical and soft tissue injuries, leading to low-back and neck pain in people of all ages.

Don’t Ignore Chronic Dehydration

What is chronic dehydration?
Water makes up 60% of our bodies, 85% of our blood, 75% of our brains and even 25% of our bones. Chronic dehydration affects an incredible two out of three people simply because most of us aren’t drinking enough liquid – especially water.

Stem Cell Therapy in the UAE: Separating Myth From Facts

very prominent Emirati VIP contacted me recently asking if I could refer him to a doctor in the USA for a stem cell treatment. He was referring to a Stromal Vascular Fraction or SVF infiltrate derived from the patient’s own fat and injected intravenously over one hour to improve his “sexual performance”.

Using Electric shock waves to treat erectile dysfunction

Forget Viagra or Cialis, there is a new shocking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or ED.
Electric shock therapy sends tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Although it sounds scary, patients experience a slightly uncomfortable pins-and-needles-like sensation, but it is otherwise painless.

Is the doctor-patient relationship broken?

Why so many patients are unhappy with their doctors, and so many doctors are unhappy with their jobs

A recent study shows that doctors top the list of the most respected professionals in the world. Except of course if you are in Finland, where teachers come ahead, or Japan, where a restaurant chef is also ahead (and why not, if good food is your best doctor?).

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