Author: Safwan Raza

Supplements – guaranteed good health, or a waste of money?

By Dr Astrid Boeckelmann, naturopathic physician Up to half of the adult population in the United States takes supplements on a daily basis; and the Americans are not alone, similar figures are […]

How do you find a plastic surgeon you can trust?

Factors to consider if you want to get it right the first time By Dr Sahar Al Kazzaz Dubai has the largest number of plastic surgeons by population than any other city […]

Don’t let allergy-proofing overwhelm you

By Dr Ahmed El Rafei, Allergist In an ideal world, avoidance is the best solution for dealing with allergies. But this is not always possible, especially when it comes to environmental allergies, […]

Inflammation – When Healing Turns Harmful

Ongoing research gives a deeper understanding into why lifestyle choices matter By Dr Mark Janowski, Internal Medicine Specialist Our body’s ability to heal itself through inflammation is truly amazing. If you stub […]

IV therapy – celebrity fad or genuine treatment?

It is easy to see why people would think of intravenous (IV) therapy as a skin tonic or trendy pick-me-up, with the likes of Kim Kardashian extolling its virtues on the red […]

Immunotherapy – hope for UAE allergy sufferers

With heat, dust and ants, residents face significant challenges, but a series of injections could solve the problem   By Dr Ahmed El-Rafei   Allergies are very common in the UAE, in […]

Even more reason to avoid energy drinks

Researchers find that just one serving can harm your heart Doctors, dietitians and educators have long been warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of energy drinks, especially for children. While […]

HPV – the worldwide epidemic nobody is talking about

By Dr Randa El-Tawil   An astonishing 80% of sexually active people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime, according to the American Sexual Health Association. We don’t often hear these […]

Heart disease – the silent killer

Often the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack. Take, for example, a recent patient of mine who came in to see me complaining of tiredness and a heavy chest. […]

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