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Dealing with the Downside of Massive Weight Loss

Despite the considerable benefits, many patients are left with severe depression after they achieve their dream of a massive weight loss…

While massive weight loss means patients’ risk for diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and brain strokes decreases dramatically, researchers have found many of these patients fall into severe depression, mainly because of their appearance. In some cases their loose, sagging skin looks worse to them now than their actual excess weight did.

They certainly look better with their clothes on, but when they stand in front of a mirror and see the tremendous amount of sagging skin that affects every part of their body, they understandably get upset. If they seek the help of a plastic surgeon who does not specialize in body reconstruction after massive weight loss, they are told they need multiple surgeries to address the sagginess in their neck, arms, chest, upper and lower abdomen, breasts, and thighs.

Such operations, if done separately, require multiple admissions to hospital, extensive time off work, and multiple exposures to general anesthesia, not to mention great expense, and with no certainty that they will end up with good and symmetrical results and hidden or inconspicuous scars.

On the other hand, if a patient is well informed, he or she can find one of the few plastic and reconstructive surgeons who specialize in these complex operations. The surgery may then be performed in one or two sessions with much more impressive results, and costs can be contained.

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