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Is Dubai doing the right thing?

Dubai cancels non-essential surgery, live entertainment as COVID-19 cases surge:

  • The decision to postpone certain surgeries went into effect on January 22d and could be extended
  • Daily cases in the United Arab Emirates hit a record 3,506 on Jan 20th, the highest in the Gulf Arab region
  • Dubai’s tourism department issued a circular, suspending entertainment in hotels and restaurants after recording an increase in violations of the mandated coronavirus precautions.


The city of Dubai, which is an international hub for travel, tourism and exhibitions cannot afford a total shut down, nor can its businesses and restaurants.

Shutting down is unnecessary and can negatively affect the health of its residents as the economic hardship increases personal and business bankruptcies, debt load and increases anxiety and depression which depresses the immune system, a key factor in fighting COVID.

1.3 million Indians left the city over the last year and 1.15 million returned to UAE mostly to Dubai, many bringing with them fake PCR certificates.

Israelis, Russians, Brits filled the hotels as they took a chance to get out of the miserable weather in Europe and the complete shut-down of restaurants and entertainment to come to Dubai, home of the coolest winter in the world, while joining thousands of staycationers. Restaurants and weddings went a bit crazy. Malls were packed with bargain hunters spreading the imported mutated strain.

Dubai smart government responded quickly by doing the following moves:

  • Limiting the acceptance of PCR certificates issued by foreign countries to credible labs
  • Restricting the craziness of the night life, wedding gatherings and concerts, and increasing the distancing measures in restaurants while keeping them open.
  • Speeding up the vaccination campaign to become the number one in the world in terms of the percentage of vaccinated people per capita, in order to reach herd immunity ahead of everybody.
  • Increasing bed capacity without shutting down the hospitals or outpatient services.

The UAE government is increasing its huge investment in infrastructure. No wonder that smart investors from India, China and Russia are betting on Dubai again, real estate prices are starting to firm up, while other envious countries are trying to catch up.

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