Vitamins and supplements: The good, the bad and the ugly

When it comes to medical information, half the truth can be a dangerous thing. And there are a lot of half-truths when it comes to vitamins. Want the clear story? Here is […]

Frozen foods: Knowing the good from the bad

To anyone with a busy lifestyle (hey, who doesn’t have one in Dubai?), those frozen food options can feel like a real gift. Not only is cooking from frozen convenient, but let’s be honest, those frozen pizzas sure taste good. Now while we of course know that the frozen pizza option – to take just one example – is far from good for us, what many are confused about is whether frozen foods in general are good or bad for our health. It all comes down to selection. Let’s have a closer look.

Does exercise really lift our mood?

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but there’s no escaping it: Most of us aren’t getting enough exercise. The latest figures from America’s National Center for Health Statistics show that less than half (49%) […]

Heart failure in the young – a growing health concern

February is traditionally the month for love – that is, for expressing your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day. But there is also another heart-shaped theme taking place in February in countries around […]

Just how dangerous are antibiotics?

Collectively, the world is consuming more antibiotics than ever before. In the biggest study of its kind into antibiotic consumption, published in 2014, researchers at Princeton University found that use of the […]

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