What We Treat

Integrative Skin & Hair Solutions

An intelligent approach to a more beautiful you

At Novomed Centers, our unique combinations of safe and effective treatments for men and women transcend temporary beauty solutions. Our experts address the root causes of hair loss and skin problems with a carefully selected menu of services customized to your unique condition, unique biology and unique needs.

Botox, fillers, PRP, stem cell therapy, lasers and thread-lifts can go a long way to improve skin sagging and signs of aging. However, there is no beauty without skin beauty.

Make-up can camouflage a lot of problems but isn’t it smarter to have a beautiful skin naturally by addressing uneven skin color, large pores and dull or saggy skin? We can achieve this with skin health restoration using products that have active ingredients such as a high concentration vitamin C, retinol, stem cells and sun screen.

We also use bio-identical hormones where indicated, especially for women who are in their 40s. They are 100% natural, and specially compounded for everyone. These excellent natural remedies keep skin and hair in optimal condition, and hormones are never prescribed without first conducting a genetic test to ensure your liver can handle them safely. Bio-identical hormone supplementation also addresses intimate conditions like vaginal dryness, hair loss and low libido, as well as chronic fatigue, bone fragility and memory loss.

Dealing with hair loss

There are 51 medications and dozens of medical conditions including thyroid problems, anemia, and poorly balanced diets that result in hair loss. In women, once we exclude them, we then address the so-called female pattern boldness, a common genetic condition that can devastate the most resilient women.

We replace the minerals or vitamins that you may need after a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional status including your vitamin levels, mineral levels, amino acid and fatty acid levels. We use Minoxidil when indicated and stem cell injections derived from your fat cells (you get to choose where we take the fat from!). We frequently augment the results with PRP.

Unveil your beauty from within

Our natural, evidence-based treatments to ensure hair and skin health include:

Combat fatigue and enhance vitality from within with IV wellness and powerful detoxification protocols. Accumulated environmental toxins affect the skin, bones, brain, heart and kidneys, as well as your hair.

Discover the healing power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions targeting the skin, delivering 100% oxygen at high atmospheric pressure for ultimate rejuvenation.

Smart diagnostics is the way to go with individualized blood tests to measure your nutritional and vitamin status. Once results come in, supplements and customized solutions for diverse conditions like zinc for thinning hair as well as magnesium and amino acids for vegetarians or victims of nutrient-depleting yo-yo diets.

We can help you quit smoking and alcohol dependency without gaining weight, using a personalized program. Supplements, medications, IV Ketamine, low-dose Naltrexone therapy, nicotine patches, SR Bupropion and CBT are amongst the evidence-based protocols that are offered at Novomed Integrative Medicine and Novomed Aesthetica clinics.

Optimizing your gut health by enriching the microbiome naturally can treat chronic yeast that creates sugar cravings, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and interferes with vitamin B synthesis and regulation of the balance of absorbable fatty acids.

Dehydro-testosterone (DHT) blockers when indicated for men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can prevent thinning hair.
We can help wean you off some of the pharmaceuticals that contribute to hair loss by reversing disease and oxidative stress and accelerated aging.