Love Awakening Workshop for Women (26-27 April) at Novomed Marina Plaza

This successful relationships workshop teaches couples and singles to becoming aware of their individual-self and their relational-self, while learning the strategies to building their dream relationships.

Couple relationships often bring intense feelings of love, connection and pleasure; while also bringing feelings of pain, hurt, disconnection, and loneliness. Being single often leads us into personal and professional growth, and the building of relationships with friends, family, work, and others. Yet, being single often leaves us with the longing for romantic love.


Do you ever question…

  • If you are in the right relationship?
  • If the lack of sex and passion are normal in your relationship?
  • If breaking up, or settling for less than what you want are the only two options you have?
  • If your partner can or will ever love you the way you want and need?
  • If you can or will ever love your partner the way they want or need?

10 secrets for successful marriages (View Video below)


Do you ever question…

  • If there aren’t enough eligible women or men to find your “one”?
  • If there is something wrong with “all men”, or “all women”, or with yourself and that is why you are single?
  • If life is unfair and you are single because no one wants a “strong and successful woman”, or a “nice guy”?
  • If you will be “forever single” or if you will ever find long lasting love?

If you answer Yes! To any of these questions, or if you want to finally be in your dream relationship, this workshop is for you! Come and join us for a weekend journey to find and keep romantic love. During these two intensive days of lectures and self-exploration exercises, you will discover the social and psychological programming that prevented you from finding and keeping the love you want, while learning the strategies to heal relationships and build long lasting and fulfilling love.

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