At Novomed we work in an outpatient setting for assessing children and provide rehabilitation depending on the findings of the individualized assessments. This is an outpatient pediatric diagnostic and treatment department that offers a comprehensive service for all children and their needs. The assessments are carried out by our clinical psychologists and the rehabilitation interventions follow the exact plan and recommendations provided by the individualized assessments. The rehabilitation department includes Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, ABA therapy (Applied Behavioural Analysis), Physiotherapy, and Special Educators.  Additionally, we offer psychotherapy and psychiatric interventions for children. Our team works closely together on each case in order to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach adapted to the needs of each child.

Meet our team

Alina Vasilache

Alina Vasilache

Clinical Psychologist

Alina Vasilache is Head of Department, leading a multi-disciplinary team collaborating closely to offer the best support for all children’s emotional, cognitive, and academic development. She conducts psychometric assessments and creates intervention plans; coordinates the activities of the multidisciplinary team; offers guidance and support to parents and families; and provides psychotherapy for children within the multi-disciplinary team. Together with other members of this department, she provides group therapy for different psychological or behavioral difficulties.

Dr Hanan

Dr Hanan Hussein


Dr Hanan Hussein has more than 20 years experience in treating children and adolescents. She has a long history in diagnosing and managing neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and ADHD. In addition, she treats anxiety, depression, OCD, and eating disorders in this age group. In doing so, she abides by evidence-based international guidelines.

Dr Bariah Dardari - Integrative Pediatrics Consultant

Dr Bariah Dardari


Dr Bariah Dardari is an American Board integrative pediatrician with a special interest in developmental delays, autism and ADHD. She works as part of our multidisciplinary team and refers patients to the appropriate specialists.

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