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Joelle Al Tenn

Clinical Dietitian

Years of




  • Obesity Management
  • Type 2 Diabetes Management

2022 – 2023
WEMA Health, Dubai, UAE

2018 – 2022
Trudoc24x7, Dubai, UAE
Wellness Director

2016 – 2017
University of Nottingham, UK
MSc. in Clinical Nutrition

2011 – 2016
American University, Beirut, Lebanon
BSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics

Doctor's Bio

Joelle Al Tenn is a passionate and experienced dietitian and nutritionist with over six years of experience in her field. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the American University in Beirut and a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from University of Nottingham, UK.

Joelle has a special interest in obesity management and type 2 diabetes management and believes that a healthy and balanced diet can help prevent and manage these chronic conditions. Joelle provides personalized nutrition plans to her clients, taking into account their individual needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

In her practice, Joelle emphasizes the importance of building healthy habits that are sustainable in the long run. She believes that every individual is unique and requires a tailored approach to nutrition. Joelle strives to empower her clients to make informed decisions about their food choices and to develop a positive relationship with food.

Joelle stays up to date with the latest research and developments in the field of nutrition and attends regular professional development courses and seminars. She is also an active member of her professional association and regularly contributes to nutrition publications and blogs.

Joelle is known for her compassionate and empathetic approach, and her clients appreciate her dedication and commitment to their health and wellbeing. With Joelle’s guidance, many clients have achieved significant improvements in their health outcomes, and she is committed to helping more people live their healthiest lives.