Mays Daboul

Clinical Dietitian

Years of





Hermosa Medical Center

Clinical Dietitian


University of Sharjah

Research Assistant


Al Qassimi Women’s & children Hospital

Clinical nutritionist and dietetics intern


Al Qassimi Hospital

Clinical nutritionist and dietetics intern


University of Sharjah

BSc. In Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Doctor's Bio

Mays is a professional clinical dietitian with a wealth of clinical dietetic experience. She holds a BSc. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Sharjah and is passionate about tailoring healthy eating and dietary treatments for patients with different needs.

Mays is skilled at genetic testing for health and nutrition and uses Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to treat patients with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, gout, food allergies, and intolerances. She has been involved in wellness programs at various companies and schools and is also highly experienced in creating healthy eating programs for pregnant and lactating women.

Mays takes a holistic approach to help patients who need to lose weight, including a comprehensive review of their medical history, psychological factors, hormonal issues, exercise and sleeping habits, etc.

She has worked extensively with patients suffering from eating disorders, including obesity, and has helped bariatric patients change their eating habits and lifestyle after their weight-loss surgery.

Moreover, Mays regularly participates in international conferences and workshops on dietary approaches and has published several research papers on how healthy eating can positively impact our minds and bodies.