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Zeina Wahbi


Clinical Dietitian

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Zeina Wahbi has been working as a dietitian in the UAE since 2006. She motivates her patients to improve their health through smart nutrition choices and detailed exercise plans.

Zeina was awarded her degree in Dietetics by the UAE University. She further enhanced her skills working as a dietitian and senior manager at a private cosmetic surgery clinic for 12 years.

Zeina can provide medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, in addition to personalized diet plans for pregnant and lactating women.

Her goals are to provide medical nutritional intervention, and to give advice on flavorsome, appealing and nutritious food choices for patients, groups and communities. Dietary modification to address medical issues involving dietary intake is a major part of her work.

The first step in any consultation involves Zeina performing a comprehensive review of a patient’s eating habits, so that an individualized dietary program can be instigated. She works with patients undergoing bariatric surgery and offers pre- and post-surgery advice, including meal plans and lifestyle adaptations. She is also highly skilled at offering behavioral counselling to those requiring help with their diet modifications and food selections.

  • Behavioral Counselling
  • Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic
  • Comprehensive Review of Eating Habits
  • Healthy Eating Programs For Patients Suffering From Eating Disorders
  • Healthy Eating Programs For Pregnant & Lactating Woman
  • Helps Bariatric Patients Change Their Eating Habits & Lifestyle