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Novomed offers a breakthrough in weight loss

The Elipse balloon is a non-invasive option that can dramatically kick-start your weight loss journey

If you have failed to lose weight through conventional means such as diet and exercise, the Elipse balloon could be an excellent solution for you. Unlike other gastric balloons, there is no sedation, no endoscope and it can be used for those with a BMI* of 27 and upwards. This temporary balloon helps you to feel full and, therefore, to eat less and lose weight. It is more than just a balloon, it is a full lifestyle program with follow-ups, medication, psychological support and monitoring via a smart scale. With our team behind you, and using this revolutionary product, you will experience significant results.

Combined with diet and lifestyle changes, studies show that patients lose 13kg to 18kg on average. (For those who need to lose more than this, a second round of the balloon may be needed, or surgery could be required. Novomed has the best and safest obesity surgery team with great long-term results. We offer gastric sleeves, gastric bands and gastric bypasses, and also conduct complex revision surgeries.) Health benefits of losing weight include lower cholesterol, blood pressure and improved glycemic control and quality of life.

*BMI = weight in kg divided by the square of your height in meters


Here’s how it works…

You swallow a capsule containing the lightweight balloon, which is then filled with liquid. After four months, the valve is dissolved and the balloon deflates and passes naturally, so there is no need to have it removed. It is ideal for patients who are classified as overweight, where obesity surgery would be over-kill.

The Elipse Balloon is placed during a brief 20-minute clinic visit and, following our gastroenterologist’s approval, most people return to normal activities within a few days.

Four months after placement, the Elipse Balloon automatically deflates and passes naturally, without the need for a procedure or an office visit for removal.

Our specialist explains the process

Meet your specialists

In addition to a Bluetooth-connected body-composition scale and an app to monitor you progress, you will have a full team of specialists to support you on your weight-loss journey including

Dr Donagh O’Riordan
Dr Donagh O’RiordanGastroenterologist
Dr Donagh will assess your health and medical suitability, and administer the balloon
Eva Petkoff
Eva PetkoffPhysiotherapist
Eva will conduct your fitness assessments, and create a personalized exercise plan for you
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