Medical Devices & Equipmemt

Here at Novomed we understand how important it is for all our patients to be comfortable and have the equipment they need readily available. We strive to provide an excellent service to those with respiratory difficulties and our neuro-orthopedic patients.  We can offer a comprehensive selection of medical devices to buy, along with a team of highly-qualified experts who will install and maintain the equipment to an exemplary standard. We can provide equipment for a range of respiratory and mobility requirements, enhancing the quality of life of all our patients.

Why use Novomed’s medical devices?

  • Our extensive Home Care package offers personalized patient care for all in the comfort of your own home.
  • We can guarantee a prompt delivery service, available seven days a week.
  • The equipment we provide is of the highest quality, produced by brands and manufacturers you can trust.
  • Expert staff will monitor you throughout, ensuring you are getting the maximum benefit out of your medical device.
  • We also offer training to patients and caregivers, delivered by certified technicians. We show you how to safely use and care for your equipment, all from the comfort of your own home.

You can be confident that our therapists and technicians are highly trained to provide the best possible advice and support.

At Novomed HHC, we are dedicated to provide medically basic and intensive safe care at the comfort of your own home.

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