If you eat a diet that features popular foods like bread, pasta and rice, the chances are you eat a variety of grains every single day. And you’re not alone. These foods are the most widely eaten in the world because they grow easily in many climates. But while many people rely on grains to keep bellies full and meals tasty, fewer realise the true impact these grains have on our bodies and overall health. Read more


While cancer was previously considered a disease of bad luck, it is now more widely accepted as multifactorial in nature – with genetics, the ageing process and lifestyle all playing a part. And although there’s little any of us can do to alter our genetics, or stop from getting older each year, we can certainly adjust our lifestyles. And a huge part of that is what we eat.

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Thinking about trying Ironman this year? Maybe a half-marathon to start? Or perhaps you’re just going to join a gym for the first time in a while.

Whether you turned twenty-one last week or you’re starting to think about retirement, us doctors simply love to prescribe fitness. Along with quitting smoking, sleeping more, and eating a healthy diet, it’s the lifestyle change we attach to many treatments. And with good reason – the power of fitness is undeniable.

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