Dr Eman Rasmy

Anesthesiologist / Chronic Pain Management

Dr Eman Rasmy is a specialist anaesthesiologist with special training and certification in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia and a second diploma in interventional pain management granted by the Montpellier University, the oldest University in France.

Dr Eman is an experienced anaesthesiologist and is part of our team at Novomed Surgery Hospital in Umm Suqeim near Burj Al Arab. She is proficient in providing anaesthesiology for paediatric, plastic, orthopaedic, and general surgery, including obesity surgery. Having worked for seven years at the Rashid Hospital in Dubai, home to the UAE’s largest trauma centre, Dr Eman is comfortable with providing anaesthesia to the critically ill, including organ-transplant patients. Her superior expertise makes it possible to send patients home quickly and safely (fast track) after orthopaedic surgeries and joint replacements, frequently within 24 hours.

As a pain management expert, Dr Eman can block any nerve under the precision of ultrasound guidance and was trained under renowned specialist Dr Philippe Macaire. She is committed to treating patients with different chronic pain conditions including lower-back pain, joints, muscles and tendons,  as well as cancer pain and painful diabetic neuropathy. Her pain-management practice is based at Novomed Integrative Medicine at Sunset Mall.

NOVOMED Integrative Medicine’s programs are created to work with nature’s inner healing mechanisms to reduce inflammation and decelerate aging.

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