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Nazanin Sadegh Pour

Clinical Psychologist

Nazanin Sadegh Pour is a clinical psychologist from the Netherlands who has more than a decade of experience in treating issues such as eating disorders (including overeating and obesity), depression, anxiety and mood disorders, brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

Nazanin earned her Masters in Psychology (Clinical & Health) in 2007 from Leiden University, The Netherlands, while simultaneously working in clinical neuropsychology and psychology, prior to moving to the UAE in 2007.

In the UAE she worked as a clinical psychologist for a large airline carrier, before practicing at a private medical clinic and an obesity-treatment center.

Nazanin specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological assessment, neuropsychological testing and treatment, and biofeedback.

She speaks English Dutch and Farsi fluently, as well as basic Arabic.


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