Professor Wayne Smith

Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon

Professor Wayne Smith is a South African expert who has been practicing the UAE since 2001. He has established himself as an innovative, sensitive and committed expert who believes in delivering superior, comprehensive results in a safe, confidential and caring environment. Dr. Wayne believes in patient-based care, where all his patients are real stakeholders and are involved in all aspects and decision-making of their care and treatment plans.

Professor Wayne has chosen to focus his practice on body-lift and reconstructive surgery after massive weight loss. He is concerned that many patients go to plastic surgeons who lift their arms, breasts, tummy, buttocks and thighs through half a dozen operations scheduled over many years. In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Wayne takes care of these problems safely in just two sessions.

Professor Wayne receives regular referrals from his plastic surgery colleagues to perform such a challenging surgery, particularly from doctors with patients who have undergone bariatric or obesity surgery and who have lost a lot of weight. While their health improves from the weight loss, they might be suffering from depression or low self-esteem. Addressing their sagging skin goes a long way towards helping these patients.

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