Dr Manar Elazizi explains the 14 types of lasers she uses on patients’ faces and bodies. There are lasers for everything including hair removal, dissolving fat, and treating pigmentation, varicose veins, scars and psoriasis.

Aesthetic Procedures

Expert surgical, dermatological and non-invasive procedures

Our team of aesthetic specialists include plastic surgeon Dr Wayne Smith (certified by the Australian and South African Boards) and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Manar Elazizi (certified by the American Anti-Aging Medicine Board).

Dr Wayne has extensive experience in cosmetic surgery and reconstruction procedures, including face lifts, rhinoplasties and breast surgeries, as well as non-invasive procedures. Having redone numerous operations initially performed by other surgeons, he knows how vital it is to listen to his patients, understand their goals and needs and get it right the first time. He specializes in body-contouring procedures, which involves procedures to remove excess skin and fat, and to remold the entire shape of the body using complex excisional surgery.

Dr Manar is passionate about skin care and skin health, especially treating acne, wrinkles and scars, but she enjoys all areas of aesthetic medicine, including hair transplants. She is highly skilled at administering fillers, Botox, threads, chemical peels and all aesthetic and therapeutic laser procedures. She is also an expert in fat-graft laser-assisted Lipolysis and conventional liposuction.

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