Internal Medicine

From general complaints, to hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases

Our internal medicine specialist in Dubai Marina Plaza provides comprehensive care for adults to help them reach and maintain peak levels of health throughout their lives. Dr Mark Janowski, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, offers preventive screenings, routine check-ups, personalized wellness plans, and management of chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Dr. Mark has a special interest in the diagnosis and management of hypertension, diabetes, hormone disorders such as thyroid or sexual dysfunction, gastrointestinal issues, cardiac issues, weight control, depression and anxiety.

During your in-depth consultation, Dr. Mark will explore your family and medical history, your lifestyle, and your current health concerns and goals. His thorough assessment could include diagnostic laboratory testing to check for nutritional deficiencies, environmental influences, and so on. This will enable him to give you a complete assessment of your health and to create a personalized plan for your journey to optimal health.

Services Include:

• Comprehensive check-ups to detect and reverse early heart disease and diabetes, as well as to reduce stroke risk
• Health-risk assessment and healthy-lifestyle counselling
• Routine check-ups as well as diagnosis and treatment of chronic medical conditions
• Specialized areas such as men’s health, geriatric care and sports medicine
Bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women
• Routine dermatologic procedures, such as mole removal, laceration repair
• Referrals to Novomed’s highly skilled specialists and surgeons, where necessary

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Dr Mark

Dr Mark Janowski

American Board Internal Medicine