A recent survey found that 65% of UAE residents are not getting enough sleep. That adds up to a lot of people here in the emirates that are seemingly always tired. But what if you are not in that 65%? What if you are getting enough sleep and still wake up feeling groggy and fatigued? There are several possible causes of ongoing tiredness. The first factor to consider is nutrition: you may be lacking in B vitamins, vitamin D or iron, for example, all of which can impact on sleep quality. A simple change in diet is often all that’s needed to rectify this particular issue. If you’re all good nutritionally, then the next place to look is at hormone levels. Adrenal hormones such as cortisol can hugely affect how well we sleep at night. If levels are too high, the brain struggles to settle into deep sleep while if they are too low, we are unable to initiate the melatonin surge that sets in motion our normal sleep cycle. If this is all in check too, then it is likely to simply be a sleep quality issue. There are many factors that can influence sleep quality, from caffeine intake to blue light from laptops and mobile devices that many of us check last thing at night. Solving this issue is a case of sticking to a bedtime regime: ensuring that you are in bed at a reasonable time, comfortable and with no distractions or stimulants.

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