It’s fair to say our eyelids are not something many of us give a great deal of thought to. That is of course until they start to cause us inconvenience or discomfort. This is the case for many people who suffer with sagging or excess skin around the eyes. For some, this excess skin around the eyelid can cause the eyes to ache or feel tired while for others it causes issues when applying make-up. There are two common causes of sagging of the upper eyelid: either the eyelid is not being pulled up as tightly as it once was or the eyelid has grown too large and therefore sags downwards towards the eyeball. In both cases, a simple, minor surgical procedure can easily solve the problem. In some cases, filler injections can stop the eyelid from drooping. For others, a browlift can restore the eyelid to its natural position. Alternatively, if there is too much excess skin present around the upper eyelid, it can simply be removed. Novomed can work with you to determine the course of treatment that best suits your needs. If surgery is needed, it is a minor outpatient procedure which most patients fully recover from within a week or two.

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