Hormone imbalances are incredibly common, particularly in older men and women, and can lead to an increased risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. What’s perhaps most worrying, however, is that symptoms of hormone imbalance are not always easy to spot. Common signs of a hormone imbalance in men include fatigue, irregular loss of muscle mass and strength, broken sleep, and changes in mood. In women, however, symptoms of hormone imbalance are somewhat broader, including changes in menstrual cycle, increased anxiety or irritability, or a change in weight. For both men and women, these are often the types of symptoms that we brush off as par for the course. In reality, all of these symptoms could be a sign of a much more serious underlying condition. So, if you’ve noticed a change in mood, weight or energy levels that seems out of the ordinary, don’t delay, make an appointment with your physician now.

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