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IVF Support with TCM in Dubai

– Females Often Find An Ally in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) When Trying to Conceive With IVF –

It is recommended that prospective mothers start acupuncture treatment approximately 3 months prior to IVF, in order to re-balance and regulate body functions and to mitigate stress. Many times, after undergoing regular acupuncture treatment, women are able to conceive naturally prior to starting the IVF process. Acupuncture can help the ovaries to produce better quality eggs, and when hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are regulated with acupuncture, a more hospitable uterus lining may be maintained.

Many mothers-to-be often experience side effects when stimulated by IVF drugs while also dealing with the stress of trying to get pregnant. The modulating effect of acupuncture helps the patient to be more at ease, improving the process of implantation. Lifestyle counselling including appropriate nutrition and exercise programs are also important aspects of a TCM-based therapeutic intervention.

– Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Useful for Males As Well Throughout the IVF Process –

With the help of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, it is possible to improve the quality and quantity of sperm, which increases the chance of conception. The process of sperm maturation takes approximately 70-90 days. It is therefore beneficial that the prospective father receives acupuncture for at least 2 to 3 months prior to the start of the IVF process. Even if the male is not infertile, increasing the quality and quantity of sperm increases the couple’s chance of conceiving.

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