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Novomed’s emotional wellness program provides secure therapies to enhance your mood and memory effectively. Research using SPECT scans and functional MRI brain imaging indicates that chronic long-term stress, drugs, toxins, nutrient deficiencies, and certain food additives damage brain cells. This contributes to anxiety, stress intolerance, depression, poor memory and cognitive problems.

In today’s hyper-wired society, issues related to cognitive decline are on the rise. Despite some studies indicating that half of people aged 85 are now living with Alzheimer’s, it is no longer merely an age-related condition. People as young as 40 are experiencing significant dementia-like symptoms, such as severe memory loss.

Based on decades of scientific evidence, it is clear that individual body chemistry directly affects emotional health. Novomed’s emotional wellness program considers the relationship between your digestion, hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as optimal brain function. For example, considerable research now reveals the correlation between depression and anxiety with untreated celiac disease, as well as between low thyroid function and depression.

We believe that when you achieve an optimal chemical balance internally, you can more effectively and naturally experience vibrant health. Novomed’s emotional wellness program includes restoring your gut health, as your gut harbors 80% of the brain’s neurotransmitters, safely re-balancing your hormones, getting you off unnecessary medications and tackling sleep deprivation. We address emotional eating and addictions with counseling, as well as IV supplements and wellness cocktails. If necessary, we may also conduct blood tests to check for chronic inflammation, food allergies, stress levels and your genetic make-up.

Prevention is the best cure! Our program is based on the most current research from both conventional and natural medicine, creating an integrative approach to your long-term physical, mental and emotional well-being. Make an appointment at our Dubai Marina Plaza clinic with naturopathic physicians Dr Heather Eade, Dr Astrid Boeckelmann or our doctor of internal medicine, Dr Mark Janowski, to discuss a personalized plan.

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