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Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser beams to reduce unwanted hair from different body areas, such as legs, armpits, upper lip, arms, chin, and bikini lines. At Novomed, our specialists are keen to provide you with the safest procedures to achieve optimal results.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

This cosmetic procedure is safe, painless, and doesn’t require any surgical incision, and it can be applied on any part of the body. The results last for a long time, hair might regrow after several months or years. The hair starts to decrease after the first session. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia; a numbing cream is used on the treated area.

How to prepare for the session?

Before the session, our specialists will schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. During the consultation, the specialists will review your medical history, and check if you are taking any medication or allergy, or illness that can prevent you from having laser hair removal.

Then, they will discuss the benefits, results, and expectations of this treatment. They will ask if you already have had any hair removal treatments previously.

After that, they will discuss your treatment plan, and give you some instructions to get ready for the session, which includes:

  • Avoiding sun exposure and applying sunscreen every time you go outside the house
  • Avoiding sunbathing and tanning cream before the session
  • Stopping blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen
  • Don’t wax, pluck, or electrolyze your unwanted hair 4 weeks before treatment

The specialists will ask you to trim or shave the treated area one day before the session.

What happens during the session?

During the session, our specialists will make sure that the treated area is clean, and then they will divide the treated area into small squares, then apply a numbing or cooling gel. After that, they will press a hand-held laser machine on your skin where the laser beams will be transformed to heat, pass through your skin, and reach the hair follicles in order to damage them and prevent or delay the growth of the hair.

Depending on the treated area, the session may last from 30 minutes to more than 1 hour.

This procedure doesn’t require any stay at the hospital, and it can be done in outpatient clinics. You may leave immediately after the session.

What happens after the session?

After the session, our specialists will apply a cooling cream to reduce redness, and swelling, which will disappear after a few hours or 1 to 2 days. They will provide you with some effective instructions to take care of the treated area:

– Avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen every time you are outside

– Avoid tanning creams and bed for 6 weeks after the session

– Apply some ice packs on the treated area to reduce redness

And most importantly, follow the doctor’s instructions in order to get the utmost results.

When can I see the results?

After the first session, you can notice that the hair growth decreased by 10 to 20%, and it will keep decreasing following future sessions.

The hair will fall out 2 weeks after the session, and 2 to 6 laser sessions are recommended to get the best result. Treated hair may take months or years to grow again. But when it grows again, the hair will be finer and lighter.

Our Modern Laser Hair Removal Machines

Candela GentleMax Pro

The Candela GentleMax Pro is a cutting-edge device designed for professional laser hair removal treatments. It utilizes a unique combination of two powerful laser technologies: Alexandrite and Nd: YAG. These two lasers can be adjusted to different wavelengths, allowing for effective and safe hair removal on a wide range of skin types.

The Alexandrite laser is known for its precision in targeting melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. It emits a specific wavelength of light that is highly absorbed by melanin, effectively destroying the hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. This laser is particularly effective for lighter skin tones and finer hair types.

The Nd: YAG laser, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the skin. This makes it suitable for darker skin tones and thicker hair types, as it can target the hair follicles without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

The GentleMax Pro features a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which sprays a cooling burst of cryogen onto the skin milliseconds before each laser pulse. This helps to minimize discomfort and protect the skin from potential thermal damage, ensuring a more comfortable and safe treatment experience.

With its versatile technology, the Candela GentleMax Pro offers fast and efficient hair removal treatments for various body areas, including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini line. It is commonly used in professional clinics and medical spas, providing long-lasting results and high patient satisfaction.


Cynosure’s laser hair removal system utilizes a combination of different laser technologies, including Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, and diode lasers. These lasers can be adjusted to specific wavelengths and settings, allowing for precise targeting of hair follicles while minimizing damage to surrounding skin tissue.

The Alexandrite laser technology in Cynosure devices is particularly effective for individuals with lighter skin tones and fine hair. It emits a specific wavelength that is highly absorbed by melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color, thereby disabling the hair follicles and impeding future hair growth.

For individuals with darker skin tones or coarser hair, the Nd: YAG and diode lasers in Cynosure systems are utilized. These lasers have longer wavelengths that can penetrate deeper into the skin, enabling effective hair removal while minimizing the risk of adverse effects.

Cynosure’s laser hair removal device incorporates advanced cooling mechanisms, including built-in cooling systems or integrated contact cooling, to enhance patient comfort during treatment. This helps to alleviate any potential discomfort or heat-related sensations that may occur during the procedure.

With its diverse range of laser technologies and customizable settings, Cynosure device provides the flexibility to tailor treatments to the unique needs of each patient. This ensures optimal results and high patient satisfaction, making Cynosure a popular choice for people seeking a comfortable laser hair removal experience.

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