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Safe Cleansing & Detox Programs in Dubai

Whether you want to detox after a festive season, following a course of antibiotics, or you are just feeling sluggish from eating too many processed foods, we can help you re-establish a healthy environment in your gut.

Cleanse Plan for good gut health

A cleanse program is the short-term and easier solution to the problem. When we plan the program with our patients, we start with a preparation phase, especially if you normally drink alcohol, smoke or are dependent on caffeine – these elements should be eliminated progressively to avoid sudden withdrawal symptoms.

The core phase of the cleanse takes 2 to 3 weeks, during which we concentrate on boosting your gut health through eliminating food intolerances, food additives, pesticides and hormones. Eventually, you will be eating only fresh natural organic foods.

Naturally healing foods and some supplements are incorporated to reinforce the guts’ good flora and to empower the intestines’ central roles of digestive and defense.

Once you have finished the core cleanse, you can stop the supplementation, but we advise you to maintain the dietary plan for as long as possible.

Detox Plan for gut, liver and kidney health

Our detox program targets much more than the intestines; it boosts the functioning of the liver and the kidneys as well. However, it takes longer than a cleanse, especially if you have extra deposits of fat as the plan aims to eliminate toxins stored in your fatty tissue.

So, in addition to the dietary changes implemented, the detox plan also:

  • focuses on antioxidant-rich foods
  • includes natural supplements supporting hepatic function
  • controls protein intake, with an emphasis on select amino acids, to minimize the burden on kidneys
  • includes detoxification liquids to flush out the toxins
  • helps you plan a convenient exercise routine to suit your fitness level and preferences


With all these dietary tweaks, you might notice some changes in your mood (such as increased irritability) or bowel movements (such as fluctuations) in the first couple of days. This is temporary, however, and will settle soon and you’ll feel better for longer.

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