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No clinic can every truthfully guarantee results. The treatment is considered safe but experimental and hence should be done under the supervision of an Investigational Review Board. We leverage our connection with our sister company (Novomed Reverse Aging Center in Beverly Hills) to provide the needed protocols and quality control. Improvement is expected in about half the patients. Other centers who guarantee results are less honest, but definitely not better.

The risks are minimal – the biggest risk is that of spending the money and not getting the hoped-for results.

There is extensive literature and medical evidence supporting the use of stem cells in orthopedic and aesthetic applications. Other applications in erectile dysfunction, neurology or anti-aging medicine do not have the same amount of evidence and will be provided in a very selective manner and as part of an Investigational Review Board (IRB) study.

Patients who take advantage of the extra services offered by Novomed to maximize the results of their stem cell injections get much better results.

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Novomed’s highly-qualified surgeons, consultants, and specialists are leaders in their fields and are well-known for offering honest advice and personalized care for their patients. 

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