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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The term ‘stem cell’ describes any cell that has the ability to change into another kind of cell through a process is called differentiation. At Novomed Centers, we use the patient’s own undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells. Once these are taken from the body, they can be re-injected into another area, where they will reconstruct into different types of tissue.

Why does Novomed use SVF stem cells?

In simple terms, fat tissue has three main components: mature adipocytes, blood and stromal vascular fraction. Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is comprised of many cells types and is a powerful source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), progenitor cells and other powerful growth factors, all of which can help regenerate and repair tissue.

We take these stem cells from your body fat, or adipose tissue, as it contains substantially more stem cells than bone marrow does. Bone marrow has a different kind of stem cell than fat does, albeit at much lower numbers. For this reason, our orthopedists might use a combination of fat-derived stem cells, stem cells from bone marrow and PRP, to provide all the tools the body needs to get the best possible results.

We will not, however, use stem cells derived from embryos as, apart from being controversial, these are extremely experimental and carry the risk that you could contract any of the fetus’s genetic disease, they could potentially cause cancer and the body might reject the donor cells.

A good stem cell team should only use stem cells derived from your own body and should use strictly disposable supplies in a sterile environment in a completely closed system to minimize any chance of contamination.

Is the quality of stem cells in Dubai as good as overseas?

There is a false perception that treatments in Geneva, Beverly Hills or New York are superior to those offered in other countries, when in fact, they are similar or inferior. In addition, if a patient visiting an overseas provider is unhappy, there is not much he or she can do, and no one to complain to.

At Novomed, we extract the highest-quality adipose stem cells and use a stem cell separator and incubator that enhances the results. We use the same FDA-approved equipment and protocols that we used in our Beverly Hills office. We use a cell counter to document the amount of stem cells transferred. We also have a multidisciplinary team experienced in minor liposuctions and who can offer many beneficial complementary treatments to enhance the stem cell therapy.

Regulations regarding stem cells

The UAE’s Ministry of Health, which regulates all medical advertising to protect consumers, does not allow advertising for stem cells. This is based on a concern that practitioners with borderline ethics will oversell it to patients – over-promising expected and guaranteed results, or promising to cure cancer or autism, when in fact it does not.

Stem cell advertising is not allowed in many countries for the same reasons. Hence, patients have no clue that it can be done in the UAE, where it is legal only in Dubai Health Care City and under strict regulatory supervision. Currently the Dubai Health Authority is drafting regulations that would allow qualified institutions to provide stem cell therapy.

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