IV therapy

It is easy to see why people would think of intravenous (IV) therapy as a skin tonic or trendy pick-me-up, with the likes of Kim Kardashian extolling its virtues on the red carpet. Adding to this ‘faddish’ perception is a proliferation of non-medical clinics offering IV therapy, with a menu of services to order from, as if you were at a restaurant. However, IV therapy has a more serious side – there are a huge range of applications that not many know about, including treating heart disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, experienced physicians offer personalized IV treatments under safe medical conditions with all the necessary blood work and analysis carried out beforehand.

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HPV Vaccine

By Dr Randa El-Tawil


An astonishing 80% of sexually active people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime, according to the American Sexual Health Association. We don’t often hear these figures, however, because it’s a taboo subject; infection with HPV or human papillomavirus is falsely linked to promiscuity.

It is important that we as a society talk about the infection though – not only because it can be deadly for both men and women, but because it’s preventable. Luckily, vaccinations against HPV are now part of the UAE’s ‘National Immunisation Programme’, in line with guidelines in other parts of the world.

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