Dr Bahaa Madkour

Specialist General Surgeon

Dr Bahaa Madkour is a Specialist General Surgeon with expertise in laparoscopic and bariatric (obesity) surgery. He has 15 years’ experience in general surgery and more than 10 years in bariatric surgery and obesity management and is an expert in both open and laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

He earned his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree as well as his Masters in Surgery from Assiut University in Egypt. He has been practicing in the UAE since 2016, having previously worked in Egypt, KSA and Kuwait.

Focus areas:

  • Open and keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery
  • Obesity & Overweight management – non-surgical and surgical
  • General surgeries, eg, gallbladder, appendix removal
  • Anorectal surgeries
  • Thyroid diseases and surgeries
  • Pilonidal disease surgeries
  • Hernia repair (laparoscopic and open surgery)

Dr Bahaa speaks Arabic and English.

Dr Bahaa