By Dr Kris Lewonowski


Chronic pain is any pain that lasts, on and off, for more than three months. Poor posture, sitting most of the time, sports injuries, aging – especially in women – and lifting heavy objects can cause mechanical and soft tissue injuries, leading to low-back and neck pain in people of all ages.

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By Dr Randa El-Tawil, General Practitioner


What is chronic dehydration?
Water makes up 60% of our bodies, 85% of our blood, 75% of our brains and even 25% of our bones. Chronic dehydration affects an incredible two out of three people simply because most of us aren’t drinking enough liquid – especially water.

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stem cell injection

No need for patients to flock to Geneva, Beverly Hills and New York for stem cell therapy anymore

By Dr Max Sawaf

A very prominent Emirati VIP contacted me recently asking if I could refer him to a doctor in the USA for a stem cell treatment. He was referring to a Stromal Vascular Fraction or SVF infiltrate derived from the patient’s own fat and injected intravenously over one hour to improve his “sexual performance”.

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Doctor patient relationship

Why so many patients are unhappy with their doctors, and so many doctors are unhappy with their jobs

A recent study shows that doctors top the list of the most respected professionals in the world. Except of course if you are in Finland, where teachers come ahead, or Japan, where a restaurant chef is also ahead (and why not, if good food is your best doctor?).

People seem to admire physicians’ education and brainpower, and feel that – particularly among some surgical specialties like heart surgery, test-tube babies, eye surgery, cancer surgeons and neurosurgery – some doctors have the ability to save their lives, or at least improve their vision, mobility, memory, energy levels, quality of life, and reduce their anxiety or depression. Read more


Forget Viagra or Cialis, there is a new shocking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

Electric shock therapy sends tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Although it sounds scary, patients experience a slightly uncomfortable pins-and-needles-like sensation, but it is otherwise painless. Read more