Ongoing research gives a deeper understanding into why lifestyle choices matter

By Dr Mark Janowski, Internal Medicine Specialist

Our body’s ability to heal itself through inflammation is truly amazing. If you stub your toe, get an infection or catch a cold, your immune system springs into action, sending specialized white blood cells to wage battle at the scene of attack. These cells can stop illness or infection spreading, repair damage and sometimes obliterate the intruder. The white-cell-filled blood that accumulates at the site of infection or injury can accumulate, producing swelling, heat or redness typical of inflammation.

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IV therapy

It is easy to see why people would think of intravenous (IV) therapy as a skin tonic or trendy pick-me-up, with the likes of Kim Kardashian extolling its virtues on the red carpet. Adding to this ‘faddish’ perception is a proliferation of non-medical clinics offering IV therapy, with a menu of services to order from, as if you were at a restaurant. However, IV therapy has a more serious side – there are a huge range of applications that not many know about, including treating heart disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, experienced physicians offer personalized IV treatments under safe medical conditions with all the necessary blood work and analysis carried out beforehand.

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energy drinks

Researchers find that just one serving can harm your heart

Doctors, dietitians and educators have long been warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of energy drinks, especially for children. While initially the warnings were over the obvious effects of their high caffeine and sugar content, growing evidence shows these drinks affect the body differently than, say, sugary coffee. Energy drinks are now linked to heart, nerve and stomach issues.

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HPV Vaccine

By Dr Randa El-Tawil


An astonishing 80% of sexually active people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime, according to the American Sexual Health Association. We don’t often hear these figures, however, because it’s a taboo subject; infection with HPV or human papillomavirus is falsely linked to promiscuity.

It is important that we as a society talk about the infection though – not only because it can be deadly for both men and women, but because it’s preventable. Luckily, vaccinations against HPV are now part of the UAE’s ‘National Immunisation Programme’, in line with guidelines in other parts of the world.

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Heart Disease

Often the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack. Take, for example, a recent patient of mine who came in to see me complaining of tiredness and a heavy chest. Surely, he believed, it was nothing more than a side effect of over-work and jetlag from recent travels overseas. It wouldn’t be anything serious  ̶ would it? Possibly not, however, I performed an ECG, which was normal, and ordered cardiac-enzyme testing to make sure that we were not dealing with anything serious. Two hours later, the results were in. My patient had raised cardiac enzymes, which are suggestive of damage to the heart muscles.

My diagnosis? An evolving heart attack. A second ECG done after two hours showed new changes, confirming the diagnosis. Fortunately, we acted swiftly and the patient underwent coronary angioplasty and had stents inserted into his arteries. He is now recovering well.

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By Dr Kris Lewonowski


Chronic pain is any pain that lasts, on and off, for more than three months. Poor posture, sitting most of the time, sports injuries, aging – especially in women – and lifting heavy objects can cause mechanical and soft tissue injuries, leading to low-back and neck pain in people of all ages.

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By Dr Randa El-Tawil, General Practitioner


What is chronic dehydration?
Water makes up 60% of our bodies, 85% of our blood, 75% of our brains and even 25% of our bones. Chronic dehydration affects an incredible two out of three people simply because most of us aren’t drinking enough liquid – especially water.

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stem cell injection

No need for patients to flock to Geneva, Beverly Hills and New York for stem cell therapy anymore

By Dr Max Sawaf

A very prominent Emirati VIP contacted me recently asking if I could refer him to a doctor in the USA for a stem cell treatment. He was referring to a Stromal Vascular Fraction or SVF infiltrate derived from the patient’s own fat and injected intravenously over one hour to improve his “sexual performance”.

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Doctor patient relationship

Why so many patients are unhappy with their doctors, and so many doctors are unhappy with their jobs

A recent study shows that doctors top the list of the most respected professionals in the world. Except of course if you are in Finland, where teachers come ahead, or Japan, where a restaurant chef is also ahead (and why not, if good food is your best doctor?).

People seem to admire physicians’ education and brainpower, and feel that – particularly among some surgical specialties like heart surgery, test-tube babies, eye surgery, cancer surgeons and neurosurgery – some doctors have the ability to save their lives, or at least improve their vision, mobility, memory, energy levels, quality of life, and reduce their anxiety or depression. Read more


Forget Viagra or Cialis, there is a new shocking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

Electric shock therapy sends tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Although it sounds scary, patients experience a slightly uncomfortable pins-and-needles-like sensation, but it is otherwise painless. Read more