Dr Sana Kausar

GP/Family Medicine Specialist

Dr Sana Kausar is a British general practitioner with extensive experience in family medicine as well as a variety of medical specialties such as dermatology, geriatric care and gynecology.

She earned her Mb ChB degree from Scotland’s University of Glasgow in 1998, then completed post-graduate studies before being admitted as a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. In Scotland, she worked in hospital emergency rooms, as a partner in a busy practice, and as a locum, before moving to the UAE in 2007. In Dubai she worked in private clinics and as locum in the emergency section of a private hospital, prior to joining Novomed in 2018.

Dr Sana practices integrative medicine, which means she looks at all aspects that can affect an individual’s health. Her aim is to find the underlying causes of diseases, rather than merely treating the symptoms as they arise. She offers personalized care and favors the least invasive and safest treatments available.

In addition to addressing chronic diseases and general complaints for the entire family, Dr Sana can give comprehensive check-ups to detect and reverse early heart disease and diabetes, and offer healthy-lifestyle counselling. She also deals with women’s health issues, geriatric care and can undertake routine dermatological procedures, for example laceration repair or mole removal. She can refer patients to Novomed’s highly skilled specialists and surgeons, where necessary.

Dr Sana speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and basic Arabic.


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