Louise Montels


Louise Montels is an experienced podiatrist. She earned a BSc (Hons) in podiatry – French National Diploma of Podiatry from Marseille Podiatry School then she received an internship training in the public hospital of Marseille. Moreover, Louise received extensive training in diagnosing and managing common sports injuries and providing new wound care methods, such as negative pressure therapy, offloading therapy and more.

She provides podiatric care and diabetic wound care and analyzes test results and information gathered during examination to properly diagnose illnesses and diseases, in addition to referring patients to medical specialists for more specialized treatment.

Focus Areas:

Medical foot care

  • Fungal nail treatment: Lacuna method, nail reduction, topical ointments and nail reconstruction
  • Verrucae treatment: acid treatment, laser treatment, manual debridement, cryotherapy
  • Thick nail treatment
  • Ingrown nail treatment

Diabetic foot care:

  • Post-surgical care for diabetic patients
  • Interpreting laboratory blood test results, neurological tests and vascular echo doppler
  • Educating patients about the importance of healthy feet
  • Diabetic wound care

Louise speaks English and French

Louise Montels