Professor Jörg Schüller

Consultant Urologist

Dr Jörg (Joerg) Schüller is a professor and a German Board-certified consultant urologist, andrologist and proctologist. His 35 years of experience in the field includes a sterling academic career as well practicing in clinics and hospitals across Germany and the UAE.

Dr Jörg earned his degree in Medicine from the University of Freiburg, prior to completing specialist training in Urology. He then completed several fellowships, and held leadership roles including Professor of Urology at the University of the Free University in Berlin, and Head of Urology at Augusta-Hospital in Bochum. He is a member of the German Society of Urology and the Endourological Society.


Prof Jörg’s focus areas include reconstructive urology, urologic oncology and endourology (minimally invasive surgery using an endoscope). He also specialises in treating erectile dysfunction with P-Shot, Peyronie’s disease, male and female incontinence, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, urethral strictures, anal fistula and hemorrhoids, and more.

Dr Jörg speaks English and German.

Dr Jorg