The Benefits of Losing Weight

Our role as health professionals and as a weight management clinic in Dubai is to reinforce the UAE’s health initiatives and to offer the best advice and care plans available.

There are plenty of health benefits to losing even a small amount of weight, particularly when you maintain that weight loss.

Losing just 5% of your body weight can mean:

  • reduced long-term risk of conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels
  • improved mood
  • reduced pain levels – losing weight eases the pressure on your joints and muscles. Also, your muscles will be more flexible and better able to support you as you become fitter and your posture improves
  • the ability to do the things you want to do more easily – as your fitness and stamina improves, you’ll be able to do everyday tasks more easily
  • improved relationships – feeling better about yourself encourages you to feel more confident in your relationships, and losing weight makes it easier for you take part in social activities and sports
  • better quality of sleep  ̶  losing weight reduces uncomfortable physical symptoms such as snoring, sleep apnea, pain and sweating, thus helping you enjoy a better night’s rest