Stem Cell Therapy

While relatively new in terms of treatments, stem cell therapy has been offered by Novomed since 2014 at its original Novomed Center on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, California. We have since brought it to Dubai through our Dubai Health Care City-licensed facility, so patients no longer have to travel overseas for stem cell therapy. In addition, we have our own Dubai-based experts, which means the service is not limited by the schedules of visiting doctors.

A lot of advances have occurred since 2014, and we now use what is believed to be the most effective form of stem cell therapy  ̶  Stroma Vascular Fraction (SVF) stem cells derived from the patient’s own fat. These can be used in anything from pain management, orthopedic and cosmetic applications, to enhancing male sexual performance.

Our experts maximize SVF results with complementary procedures and health checks. We offer treatments superior to others internationally and locally. We have a multidisciplinary team experienced in minor fat-harvesting procedures and liposuctions and who can offer many beneficial complementary treatments to enhance the stem cell therapy.

Combining high potency and the ability for unlimited expansion, stem cells represent an exciting area of regenerative medicine, but it is important to understand that stem cell therapy, while safe, is still in an experimental phase and you should be wary of any clinic that guarantees results. Teams around the world are still learning daily how stem cells work, and research is ongoing. While we have had very satisfactory outcomes, it does not work for all patients.

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